Bruno Kristo’s sculptures are deeply rooted in the Great Stories of our species and boldly expanded towards a dystopian investigation of our relationship with space, time and self.
His unorthodox choice of materials and techniques both enhances and reflects the inherent symbolic undertones of his distorted figurativism.
Out of a vast and eclectic repertoire of artistic mediums, he currently favours bitumen, bronze, steel and, notably, the negative spaces, discarded seams and anomalies of their symbiosis.
Recent honours of his work include an extended exhibition of ‘E.A.D 97K’ in dialogue with the iconic Pieter Breugel the Elder’s ‘Dulle Griet’ in the closed collection of the Mayer van den Bergh Museum (2016), the acquisition of ‘the resurrection of Antigoon’ by Port of Antwerp as the first artwork to permanently accompany the new Port House by Zaha Hadid (2017) and the inclusion of ‘the lamentation over the Solar Child’ in the permanent collection of the revered Saint Paul’s Church in Antwerp (small-scale exhibited in 2017, grand-scale work commissioned for 2018).
Bruno Kristo